Introducing the Brand New Universal Series of Dimmers - compatible for 1 led bulb at 3W or More. Meant to be compatible with all LED Bulbs , escpecially The Strak LED Bulbs and Fixtures Lineup. Works as a 3way or 1 Way function. Comes with a high end screwless Wall plate to match. Adjustible sensitivity dial can be used for precise setting on lower or higher levels of Bulbs and fixtures. Truely one of a kind dimmer.

  • For use with up to 150 Watts of LED and CFL bulbs
  • Also controls up to 600 Watts of incandescent and halogen bulbs
  • Can be used in single pole or 3-way applications
  • Features a large rocker paddle switch and small sliding dimmer switch for precise lighting control
  • Screwless Wall Plate Included
  • Slide adjusts light to any activity. Helps you better control your electricity consumption and use only what you need




Certified Yes Country of Origin CN-China
Dimmer Type 3-Way Dimmer